[GCC-XML]missing output

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Mon Aug 26 20:44:02 EDT 2002


> this seems to be missing a capture of the struct and some enums... what
> am i doing wrong... or should these things be omitted?

I'm not able to duplicate this problem.  The output is shown below.

> gccxml --print
> GCC-XML version 0.2

I just realized that I never incremented the version number on the main
trunk of GCC-XML after the 0.2 release branch.  What version are you
actually using?


<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <Namespace id="_1" name="::" members="_2 "/>
  <Class id="_2" name="code" context="_1" location="f0:2" members="_3 _4 _5 _6 _7 _8 _9 _10 _11 " bases=""/>
  <Field id="_3" name="int1" access="protected" type="_12" context="_2" location="f0:27"/>
  <Field id="_4" name="error_note" access="private" type="_12" context="_2" location="f0:30"/>
  <Field id="_5" name="comp_note" access="private" type="_13" context="_2" location="f0:31"/>
  <Enumeration id="_6" name="enumtypes" context="_2" location="f0:5">
    <EnumValue name="RATE_GROUP" init="0"/>
    <EnumValue name="APERIODIC" init="1"/>
    <EnumValue name="PRECISE" init="2"/>
  <Struct id="_7" name="structtypes" context="_2" location="f0:11" members="_14 _15 _16 _17 _18 _19 _20 _21 " bases=""/>
  <Enumeration id="_8" name="Control" context="_2" location="f0:20">
    <EnumValue name="DISABLED" init="0"/>
    <EnumValue name="NO_RETRY" init="1"/>
    <EnumValue name="RETRY_SAME" init="2"/>
    <EnumValue name="RETRY_ALTERNATE" init="3"/>
  <Constructor id="_9" name="code" context="_2" location="f0:2">
    <Argument name="_ctor_arg" type="_22"/>
  <Constructor id="_10" name="code" context="_2" location="f0:2"/>
  <Method id="_11" name="func1" returns="_23" access="protected" context="_2" location="f0:28" extern="1">
    <Argument name="mailbox" type="_24"/>
  <PointerType id="_12" type="_24"/>
  <PointerType id="_13" type="_25"/>
  <Field id="_14" name="unused_1" type="_24" context="_7" location="f0:12"/>
  <Field id="_15" name="message_error" type="_24" context="_7" location="f0:13"/>
  <Field id="_16" name="reserved" type="_24" context="_7" location="f0:14"/>
  <Field id="_17" name="unused_2" type="_24" context="_7" location="f0:15"/>
  <Field id="_18" name="broadcast_last" type="_24" context="_7" location="f0:16"/>
  <Field id="_19" name="unused_3" type="_24" context="_7" location="f0:17"/>
  <Constructor id="_20" name="structtypes" context="_7" location="f0:11">
    <Argument name="_ctor_arg" type="_26"/>
  <Constructor id="_21" name="structtypes" context="_7" location="f0:11"/>
  <ReferenceType id="_22" type="_2c"/>
  <FundamentalType id="_23" name="void"/>
  <FundamentalType id="_24" name="int"/>
  <ReferenceType id="_26" type="_7c"/>
  <FundamentalType id="_25" name="bool"/>
  <File id="f0" name="t1.cxx"/>

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