[GCC-XML]Release 0.4.0

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Tue Dec 3 16:03:42 EST 2002

Hello, all:

Release 0.4.0 of GCC-XML is now available on the web page and ftp site.


Changes include:

  * Support for GCC 3.2.x has been added.
  * Support for MSVC 7 has been added.
  * Several bug fixes.
  * GCC-XML now generates its own documentation on using the program.
    This results in an up-to-date manual page, --help option, and
    web page.
  * A statically-linked binary is available for Linux-x86 machines.

For those interested in CVS access, the branch tag is "Release-0-4". The
download page includes a pre-patched gcc 3.0.4 source tarball and windows
executable to provide the gccxml_cc1plus portion of the program.


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