[GCC-XML]Building On Solaris...

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Thu Dec 12 15:25:03 EST 2002

> I'm trying to build GCCXML0.4.0 on Solaris, and it seems that Ican't get the
> last step of the process, 'make install' to work.
> Here is my error. Any suggestions?
> sundev2:/home/jsteiner/gccxmldir/gccxml-0.4.0/GCC_XML $ make install
> /bb/home2/jsteiner/gccxmldir/gccxml-0.4.0/GCC_XML/GccInclude: building install
> /bb/home2/jsteiner/gccxmldir/gccxml-0.4.0/GCC_XML/GccInclude/2_95/std: building
> install
> Installing ...
> Making directory /usr/local/share/gccxml-0.4.0/GccInclude/2_95/std
> mkdir: "/usr/local/share/gccxml-0.4.0/GccInclude/2_95/std": Permission denied
> *** Error code 2

It appears that you ran "make install" as non-root, so you don't have
write permission to install in /usr/local.  You can set
CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to point at some location in your home directory if
you don't have root access.  In your build tree, run "make edit_cache".
Type "t" to toggle on advanced values, and use down-arrow to find
CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX.  Press enter on the setting and type in the new
install prefix you want to use.

Alternatively, you can set the install prefix when first running CMake on
an empty build tree for GCC-XML.  In addition to the path to the source
tree, add -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/my_prefix to the command line.
This will initialize CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX so that you don't have to use
ccmake (or make edit_cache) to edit it.

GCC-XML also supports being run straight from its build tree, so you could
just skip the "make install" process altogether.


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