[GCC-XML]Virtual tables with 0.6.0

Pere Mato Vila Pere.Mato at cern.ch
Mon Feb 23 04:31:44 EST 2004


  I am trying to move from 0.4.0 to 0.6.0 and I am having a problem
detecting if a class has a virtual table or not. In version 0.4.0 I was
using the existence of a <Variable/> with a name starting with "_ZTV"
for a class to get this information, and it was very simple and quick. I
see that in the new version these variables do not appear any more in
the output file. Do I have any other possibility than just recursively
inspecting if it exists at least one virtual method in the class and all
of its base classes?

  Thanks in advance,

Pere Mato  CERN, PH Department, CH 1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland
           e-mail: Pere.Mato at cern.ch    tel: +41 22 76 78696
           fax:  +41 22 76 79425        gsm: +41 76 48 70855


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