[GCC-XML]gccxml / panther

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Tue May 4 08:49:52 EDT 2004

Guy Barrand wrote:

> Hello
> I am a new comer in this mailing list, then sorry if the below
> question(s) is a well known FAQ.
> I simply try to install and run gccxml on a MacOSX/Panther.
> I have checkouted tag gccxml-0-6-0 and tried to work with that.
> On a simple file (xxx.h) containing a simple code like :
> class xxx {
> public:
> xxx(){}
> };
> the command :
> gccxml xxx.h -fxml=xxx.xml
> failes with something like :
> Error: Could not run /usr/local/gccxml/0.6.0/bin/gccxml:
> Too many open files
> Jumping in the code of gxFront, it appears that gccxml
> passes its time to spawn itself, then exhausting the capability of my
> system (MacOSX/Panther).

You are probably setting the GCCXML_EXECUTABLE environment variable to 
point at "gccxml" instead of "gccxml_cc1plus".  Setting this variable is 
not necessary to use gccxml out of the box.  If you are not setting 
anything like this, then we'll have to investigate further.


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