[GCC-XML]RE: Detecting virtual inheritance (Pere Mato Vila)

Tony Cook tony at bci.gb.com
Thu May 6 06:55:28 EDT 2004

See my comments below

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>  It has been quite easy after all. I am attaching the diff of what I
> have done.=20
>  I have extended the existing qualifications of the bases with:
>  _<id>                   public non virtual
>  protected:_<id>         protected non virtual
>  private:_<id>           private non virtual
>  virtual:_<id>           public virtual
>  protected_virtual:_<id> protected virtual
>  private_virtual:_<id>   private virtual
> =20
>  The problem is that this change makes the XML output backward
>incompatible. Any suggestion?
>			Pere

Please, please DON'T format it this way - this not the best use of XML
and makes writing transforms in XSLT a pig, and also makes writing a DTD
or XML schema harder than it should be. The "location" attribute is not
a good role model and the alternative "file" and "line" attributes where
added to fix this (hope I got these attribute names right). Instead add
a new attribute - say "inherit" (please choose some better name!). Then
you would have:

   <tag id="_1" inherit="protected" ...>

This is then backwards compatible (existing transforms or parsing code
not knowing about "inherit" will not trip up, but will miss this extra

Cheers, Tony Cook

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