[GCC-XML]Structs generated by gcc

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Thu May 13 09:22:41 EDT 2004

wyf at fudan.edu.cn wrote:
> Hello, Brad
>   There are some structs generated by gcc, for example:
>    <Struct id="_7" name="__vmi_class_type_info_pseudo1" context="_1" mangled="29__vmi_class_type_info_pseudo1" location="f0:4" file="f0" line="4" members="_17 _18 _19 _20" bases="" /> 
>   <Struct id="_12" name="__class_type_info_pseudo" context="_1" mangled="24__class_type_info_pseudo" location="f1:0" file="f1" line="0" members="" bases="" /> 
>    Would you please add an "artificial" attribute for this kind of struct/class? Otherwise I can't distinguish a struct/class written by user or generated by gcc.

If there is not already an "artificial" attribute then the struct nodes 
are not marked artificial in GCC's internal representation.  What 
version of GCC-XML produced this output?  Please send me a minimal C++ 
file that reproduces the behavior.

In this case, though, you can safely ignore any names that start in two 
underscores because the standard explicitly reserves these names for use 
by the compiler.


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