[GCC-XML]Re: Problems with GCC_XML under windows

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Thu May 13 09:26:45 EDT 2004

Bennett, Ian wrote:
> Hallo Brad,
> I am building a C++ class browser under windows 2000, and would like to 
> use GCC_XML to parse class information into XML.  I have downloaded the 
> gcc_xml, and followed the installation instructions, including  running 
> the following programs / batch files i) gccxml_vcupdate.bat, ii) 
> vcInstall.exe, and iii) vcPatch.exe.

Where did you find instructions to use these commands?  They should be 
automatically executed by the build system generated by CMake.

 > I then created an empty VC++
> (msvc6), project and tried to compile it using GCC_XML.  I had the 
> following problems:
>         1) gccxml.exe always give the error message  "Compiler "cl" is 
> not supported by GCC_XML because none of MSVC 6, 7, or 7.1 is installed. 
> Could not determine GCCXML_FLAGS setting.".  If I call      
> gccxml_cc1plus.exe directly, however, it does at least start to compile 
> the VC++ files. My GCCXML_Config file contains the following information:
>                         GCCXML_COMPILER="cl"
>                         GCCXML_CXXFLAGS="/nologo /MDd /W3 /Gm /GX /ZI 
> /Od /D "WIN32" /D "_DEBUG" /D "_WINDOWS" /D "_AFXDLL" /D          
> "_MBCS" /Fp"Debug/gccxml.pch" /Yu"stdafx.h" /Fo"Debug/" /Fd"Debug/" /FD 
> /GZ /c"
>                         GCCXML_ROOT="C:\Progs\GCC_XML\share\gccxml-0.6\Vc6"

What do you mean by compiling a project with gccxml?

How was MSVC 6 installed?  There should be a registry entry that lets 
GCC-XML detect it.

>         2) I would like to parse c. 30-50 individual VC++ projects. Can 
> I make use of the .dsp files or .mak files (created by "export 
> makefile"). Or do I need to write / generate new makefiles specially for 
> gcc_xml.  If       so, could you send me a an example gcc_xml makefile, 
> based in an empty msvc6 VC++ Project?
> Regards, and many thanks for taking the time to answer these questions

GCC-XML is not a compiler.  It is just a tool with a command line 
interface that looks a little bit like a compiler.  You can write 
makefiles, create project files, whatever you want, but you have to 
manually construct command lines and configure the build system to run them.


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