[GCC-XML] gcc 3.4.2 and template declaration

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Sun Oct 24 14:57:12 EDT 2004

Ivan Wang wrote:
> hello,brad:
>        I have two feature requests. 
>       (1) How about upgrading the "gcc" to gcc 3.4.2 ? The parser of gcc 3.4.2 has lots of improvement.

It is not as simple as it sounds to upgrade to 3.4.  One of the features
of GCC-XML is that it simulates the preprocessing of many compilers.
Therefore the gcc version used must be able to parse the system headers
of other compilers.  GCC 3.4 is much more strict about C++ and would
give errors when simulating other compilers unless even more header
copying/patching/wrapping is done.

>       (2) The current version of gccxml generate nothing for template class/function declaration. G++ do generate "tree" structure for template decaration,i think it is not hard to implement. How about adding the feature?

Instantiations of templates are dumped, it is only the template
definitions which are not.  Dumping the definitions is tricky because
the representation must deal with pointing instantiations at their
templates, specialization, and partial specialization.  So far we
(GCC-XML developers) have had no need for template definitions, and I
have not had time to contribute an implementation for the community.

Please enter these as feature requests at


I do not forsee them getting implemented in the near future unless
someone contributes the changes, but at least the requests will not get


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