[GCC-XML] size_t problem

Moritz Bunse bunse at physik.uni-dortmund.de
Tue May 2 07:22:54 EDT 2006

I try to run gccxml on a SUSE 64Bit 10.0 machine and I always have the 
same problem, even with the simplest c++ hello world programs. The error 
/usr/include/c++/4.0.2/new:84: error: `operator new' takes type `size_t' 
(`unsigned int') as first parameter

I also used different version of g++ (e.g 3.2.3), but the error is the 
same. When I try gccxml --debug I see an option   "-D__SIZE_TYPE__=long 
unsigned int" set. But with gccxml -D__SIZE_TYPE__="unsigned int" test.cxx 
there is still the same error. Can anyone help me?

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