[GCC-XML] running on OS X 10.4 Intel

Kaben Nanlohy gmail.01 at kaben.stochastic.net
Tue Oct 23 07:30:48 EDT 2007

Hi all,

I'm posting an ugly hack, and I apologize that I won't spend the time
to follow-up with something cleaner.

I'm on a project using Boost.Python's Pyste on OS X 10.4 Intel where
g++-3.3 requires the "-arch ppc" flag to work. I gather from reviewing
posts on various mailing lists that some people are stuck in similar
situations, beginning with the error:

g++-3.3: installation problem, cannot exec `cc1plus': No such file or directory
Error executing "gccxml_find_flags g++-3.3  "

I'll skip the rest of the errors.

I added the following two lines to
/usr/local/share/gccxml-0.6/gccxml_find_flags at line 40:


This short-circuits gccxml options and environment-variables, so
there's certainly a better way, but this hack may unstick some of the
people who've been stuck.

Happy coding -- K

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