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Mon Dec 15 09:51:36 EST 2008

 <Destructor id="_3154" name="Adder" artificial="1" throw=""
context="_1482" access="public" mangled="_ZN7classes5AdderD1Ev
*INTERNAL* " demangled="classes::Adder::~Adder()" location="f60:8"
file="f60" line="8" endline="8" inline="1">
 <Constructor id="_3156" name="Adder" artificial="1" throw=""
context="_1482" access="public" mangled="_ZN7classes5AdderC1ERKS0_
*INTERNAL* " demangled="classes::Adder::Adder(classes::Adder
const&amp;)" location="f60:8" file="f60" line="8" inline="1">
    <Argument type="_3609" location="f60:8" file="f60" line="8"/>
  <Constructor id="_3157" name="Adder" explicit="1" context="_1482"
access="public" mangled="_ZN7classes5AdderC1Ev *INTERNAL* "
demangled="classes::Adder::Adder()" location="f60:13" file="f60"
line="13" inline="1"/>

But for TemplateAdder and IntAdder I have simply:

<Class id="_1480" name="TemplateAdder&lt;int&gt;" context="_60"
incomplete="1" mangled="N7classes13TemplateAdderIiEE"
demangled="classes::TemplateAdder&lt;int&gt;" location="f60:29"
file="f60" line="29" artificial="1" align="8"/>
<Typedef id="_1481" name="IntAdder" type="_1480" context="_60"
location="f60:33" file="f60" line="33"/>

Is this simply what GCC reports back? I can work with this just fine,
I'm just wondering as if I could get generated entries for all classes
it would make this feature I'm working on a little simpler.



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