[GCC-XML] internal error with 0.9.0

Steve Vinoski vinoski at ieee.org
Sat Feb 9 19:41:38 EST 2008

Apologies if this has already been covered; I just joined the list and
searched for this issue but didn't find anything.

With gccxml 0.9.0 built against sources fresh out of cvs and running
against a gcc 4.2.2 compiler installation, I see this error with a
number of files that compile fine with straight g++ 4.2.2:

internal compiler error: tree check: expected integer_cst, have
lt_expr in tree_int_cst_sgn, at tree.c:4582

Has anyone else seen this? If not, any recommendations for debugging
it? Sending preprocessed output isn't possible. Are there instructions
available anywhere for building a debuggable gccxml?


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