[GCC-XML] types for members incorrect when mixing typdef and templated classes

Matt Grasse mattg at carbondesignsystems.com
Mon May 18 10:09:03 EDT 2009


I just started using GCCXML and am quite happy with it.  But I have encountered a small problem that I'd like to report.  The issue is that if member of a template class has the member's type defined with a typedef, GCCXML does not report the typedef, but instead the actual type.  

Here's a simple example:

template <typename T> class A
   T b;

typedef  class A<bool> foobar;

template <typename T> class Z 
   // x does not get the type 'foobar' but instead gets the type 'class A<bool>'
   foobar x;
   T ;

class Y 
   // y is correctly identifed as having the type 'foobar'
   foobar y;

Z<int> zint;

I just wanted to make sure folks were aware of the issue.


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