[GCC-XML] msvc10

Suresh Kannan kanaero at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 21:30:41 EST 2012

Has anyone successfully used gccxml with Microsoft Visual Studio 10 ?
I tried out the version in the repository  and all I get is

Compiler "cl" is not supported by GCC_XML because none of
the Vc6, Vc7, Vc71, Vc8, Vc8ex, Vc9, Vc9ex or Vc10 support directories exists.

I see various files for vc10, vc9 etc but no such directories. I am
trying to figure out whether to do the boost python bindings manually
or not. Or is it possible to generate the bindings on linux using
gccxml and then simply compile that as a boost.python extension ?


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