[GCC-XML] Announcement of Introspector

Dupont, Michael michael.dupont at mciworldcom.de
Tue Feb 6 18:23:16 EST 2001

Dear Brad and All on the gccxml list,

I have been working parallel to brad on an C++ Interface to the compiler,
with an XML dumper as well.
The "Introspector" is  project has been set-up to host an extension to the
GCC compiler to allow it to 
reflect upon itself, introspect about itself, and even have a meta-object
protocol to creating new code on the fly. 

This project is not in direct competition with the gccxml because of
following reasons
	a: it does not interface with the c++ compiler, but the c compiler.
	b: it does not dump out the structure of the project directly, but
the structure of the internal representation.
	c: I am hoping to use what brad has done in to help bootstrap the
gcc compiler.

After long thought, I have decided to place the project under sourceforge to
give it a proper platform for growth. 
The project is located in sourceforge under the URL :

I would like to get your feedback on this project 	
Here is a link to the survey 

I am sorry if I keep on polluting the gccxml list news from a my project,
and I will not do so any more. 

I would be happy to have you try out the code when it is ready to run,
and will be sure to try and merge our projects when the time is right.


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