[GCC-XML] Wow (What about Windows?)

William A. Hoffman bill.hoffman at kitware.com
Mon Feb 12 11:28:08 EST 2001

However, the current gcc snapshot does not compile with the current cygwin
compiler.  (it seg faults in building gcc)
I would expect this to work soon???


At 09:59 AM 2/8/2001 +0000, Carlos Guerreiro wrote:
>> Brad,
>> I came across a link to gcc-xml from the Boost Python
>> Library list and wanted to give you a show of support.
>>  I'm sitting here shaking as I think about the
>> opportunities you are creating.  Think about it - from
>> the automatic wrapper generation,  real class
>> browsers, automatic CORBA bindings with an XML to IDL
>And static checkers, and specialized optimizers, and software metrics, and,
>and, and,...
>And I would like to get involved too. As most of the software development I
>do is on Microsoft Windows
>I am interested to know about running gcc-xml on Microsoft Windows.
>What are pieces I need to put together? Is anyone building Microsoft Windows
>Carlos Guerreiro
>cg at cgeo.net    http://www.cgeo.net
>> (Maybe OMG can be convinced to drop IDL in favor of
>> the the XML DTD format? :) ), documentation
>> generators.  Wow.
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>gccxml at public.kitware.com

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