petewon at netscape.net petewon at netscape.net
Sun Feb 17 16:51:45 EST 2002

My first question is regarding licensing GCC-XML for use in a commercial software product. Are there any issues regarding distributing GCC-XML in binary form with commercial, closed-source software? The closed-source part would do some processing on the XML, show a GUI, allow data entry, etc. I primarily have the Windows platform in mind.

GCC-XML is a great project with lots of potential for building tools on top of it. The issues I'm concerned with are not only legal but philosophical. Of course GCC-XML belongs to the community and I don't want to step on any toes or cause any animosity. 

Also, I was wondering if you need any help on this project. This isn't some sort of bribe, I'm genuinely interested in helping :)


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