Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Mon Feb 18 12:00:54 EST 2002

> My first question is regarding licensing GCC-XML for use in a
> commercial software product. Are there any issues regarding
> distributing GCC-XML in binary form with commercial, closed-source
> software? The closed-source part would do some processing on the XML,
> show a GUI, allow data entry, etc. I primarily have the Windows
> platform in mind.
GCC-XML is licensed under the GPL simply because it is intended as a patch
for GCC.  This means that any application or library that distributes
binaries built from the code must also be under the GPL.  However, if your
application distributes GCC-XML as its own executable, then only THAT
PARTICULAR executable needs to be GPLed.  The rest of your application is
free to be under whatever license you choose.  It can process the output
from GCC-XML and do whatever it wants.  As long as no header or other code
from GCC or GCC-XML is actually compiled into the application's libraries
or executables, there are no license restrictions.

You probably want to do this:

1.)  Build the GCC-XML exectuable separately from the rest of your
application.  Include this executable in the distribution (don't forget
the cygwin DLL on windows).  Use only your own code to parse the output.

2.)  In your documentation, include a copy of the GPL and give links to
the GCC and GCC-XML homepages.

I think that will be sufficient to satisfy the license.

> Also, I was wondering if you need any help on this project. This isn't
> some sort of bribe, I'm genuinely interested in helping :)
Once I have finished the initial re-write with the new output format, I
will probably be asking the list for help on additional features.  


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