[GCC-XML] Adding location information to function parameters

Norbert Irmer norbert.irmer at web.de
Sun Dec 26 11:49:35 EST 2004


I am trying to write a documentation tool based on gcc-xml,
and would like to ask, if it would be possible to add
a "location" field to the parameters of functions
(and also of ctors/dtors/operators of course ), ie. changing

  <Method id="_21" name="someFunc" returns="_26" access="private" 
context="_9" mangled="_ZN6ClassB6ClassD8someFuncEiz" location="f0:26" 
file="f0" line="26" endline="27">
    <Argument name="n" type="_15"/>


<Argument name="n" type="_15" location="f0:22" file="f0" line="22"/>

This would it make easier for me (and would be a cleaner solution)  to 
function parameters, eg. in the following form

void someFunc(
   /// number of arguments
  int n,
  /// arguments
  ... )

Best regards,
Norbert Irmer

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