[GCC-XML]runaway during test

Craig Maloney cmaloney@physics.ucsb.edu
Mon Feb 16 17:04:54 EST 2004

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Hi Brad.

The source tree is checked out directly from cvs, and the GCC source 
appears to be there.  I'm not familiar with cmake, so I've simply 
included a grep through both the source tree and build tree for 
"cc1plus".  Of particular note is the line:



Brad King wrote:

> Craig Maloney wrote:
>> Hi Brad.
>> The build resulted only in a "gccxml" and there was no 
>> "gccxml_cc1plus" to be found in the build tree.  The behavior, now 
>> when I properly invoke gccxml ("gccxml input.cxx -fxml=output.xml") 
>> as opposed to the incorrect way in which I was invoking it before 
>> ("gccxml input.cxx output.xml") is to immediately report:
>> Error: Could not run gccxml_cc1plus:
>> No such file or directory
>> I've attached the output of the build process.
> You only have the GCC_XML portion of the source tree (the part that 
> builds "gccxml".  There is also a "GCC" portion of the tree that 
> builds "gccxml_cc1plus".
> Please follow the instructions here:
>   http://www.gccxml.org/HTML/Download.html
> to obtain a complete copy of the gccxml source tree.  It should 
> consist of a top-level "gccxml" directory with "GCC_XML" and "GCC" 
> subdirectories.
> The combined source tree feature was only recently added.  If you have 
> an old checkout then it only has the GCC_XML portion.
> -Brad

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GCC/config/acinclude.m4:    if test -f ${gccfiles}/specs -a -f ${gccfiles}/cpp -a -f ${gccfiles}/cc1plus; then
GCC/config/acinclude.m4:    if test -f ${gccfiles}/specs -a -f ${gccfiles}/cpp -a -f ${gccfiles}/cc1plus; then
GCC/CMakeLists.txt:# be restored in gcc/cp for building gccxml_cc1plus.
GCC/gcc/config/avr/avr.h:   pass to `cc1plus'.  */
GCC/gcc/config/i386/beos-elf.h:   CC1_SPEC is used for both cc1 and cc1plus.  */
GCC/gcc/config/ia64/ia64.h:   `cc1plus'.  It can also specify how to translate options you give to GNU CC
GCC/gcc/config/ia64/ia64.h:   into options for GNU CC to pass to the `cc1plus'.  */
GCC/gcc/config/m68k/m68k-none.h:/* cc1/cc1plus always receives all the -m flags. If the specs strings above 
GCC/gcc/config/m68k/m68k-none.h:   need for any further cc1/cc1plus specs.  */
GCC/gcc/config/romp/romp.h:   .stabs in cc1plus.  */
GCC/gcc/config/rs6000/xcoff.h:    .stabs in cc1plus.  */
GCC/gcc/FSFChangeLog.10:	* cp/Make-lang.in (cc1plus) : Removed unnecessary $(exeext).
GCC/gcc/FSFChangeLog.10:	(process_makefile): Use it to handle cc1plus via cp/Make-lang.in.
GCC/gcc/FSFChangeLog.11:	* make-l2.com: Add latent support to compile cp/inc/* if `cc1plus'
GCC/gcc/Makefile.in:# compiler proper (cc1, cc1obj, cc1plus).
GCC/gcc/Makefile.in:		(./cc1plus -q $${option} empty.C 2>&1 | \
GCC/gcc/config.gcc:#			the compiler proper (cc1, cc1obj, cc1plus)
GCC/gcc/gcc.c:/* config.h can define CC1_SPEC to provide extra args to cc1 and cc1plus
GCC/gcc/gcc.c:/* config.h can define CC1PLUS_SPEC to provide extra args to cc1plus
GCC/gcc/gcc.c:static const char *cc1plus_spec = CC1PLUS_SPEC;
GCC/gcc/gcc.c:  INIT_STATIC_SPEC ("cc1plus",			&cc1plus_spec),
GCC/gcc/gcc.c:	    value = do_spec_1 (cc1plus_spec, 0, NULL);
GCC/gcc/gdbinit.in:In cc1plus, print the current binding stack, frame by frame, up to and
GCC/gcc/main.c:/* main.c: defines main() for cc1, cc1plus, etc.
GCC/gcc/toplev.c:/* Entry point of cc1, cc1plus, jc1, f771, etc.
GCC/gcc/cp/CMakeLists.txt:TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES(gccxml_cc1plus backend cpp iberty)
GCC/gcc/cp/CMakeLists.txt:# Install gccxml_cc1plus next to the gccxml executable.
GCC/gcc/cp/CMakeLists.txt:INSTALL_TARGETS(${GCCXML_INSTALL_ROOT}/bin gccxml_cc1plus)
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog:	* lang-specs.h (@c++): Include "%2" (cc1plus_spec) wherever
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog:	* lang-specs.h (default_compilers): Preprocess with cc1plus.
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog:	pass them to cc1plus.
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog:	* lang-specs.h: Pass -lang-c++ to cc1plus so cpplib is
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog:	* Make-lang.in (cc1plus): Depend on $(BACKEND), not stamp-objlist.
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog:	(cc1plus): Link with $(BACKEND) and $(C_OBJS).
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog:	* Make-lang.in (cc1plus$(exeext)): Added c-semantics.o.
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog:	(cc1plus$(exeext)): Added $(srcdir)/c-common.def.
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog:	* Make-lang.in (cc1plus): Depend on operators.def.
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog:	* Make-lang.in (cplib2.ready): Also depend on cc1plus$(exeext).
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog:	* Make-lang.in (cc1plus): Depend on cfns.gperf.
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog.1:	* Make-lang.in (cc1plus): Removed unnecessary $(exeext).
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog.1:	solves a problem where cc1plus consumed exponential amounts of
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog.1:	* Make-lang.in (g++, g++-cross, cc1plus, DEMANGLER_PROG):
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog.1:	* Makefile.in (../cc1plus): Use $(exeext) in name of executable.
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog.1:	* Makefile.in (compiler): Remove ../cc1plus before rebuilding it.
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog.1:	* except.c: Allow cc1plus to be built with native compiler on rs6000.
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog.1:	* Make-lang.in (cc1plus): Depends on c-pragma.o.
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog.1:	* Make-lang.in (cc1plus): Don't depend on OBJS or BC_OBJS, since
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog.1:	* Makefile.in (../cc1plus): Depend on OBJDEPS.
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog.1:	* Make-lang.in (cc1plus): Depend on stamp-objlist.
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog.1:	(../cc1plus): Delete reference to BC_OBJS.
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog.1:	(mostlyclean): Remove ../cc1plus.
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog.2:	* Make-lang.in (cc1plus): Remove dependency on GGC.
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog.2:	* Make-lang.in (cc1plus): Depend on $(GGC).
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog.2:	* Make-lang.in (cc1plus): Make it depend on gxx.gperf.
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog.2:	* lang-specs.h (default_compilers): Pass -MD, -MMD and -MG to cc1plus
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog.2:	* Make-lang.in (cc1plus): Add dependency on hash.o.
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog.2:	* Makefile.in (cc1plus): Put CXX_OBJS, and thence @extra_cxx_objs@,
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog.2:	* Make-lang.in (cc1plus): Note that cc1plus depends on
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog.2:	existence of cc1plus check whether $(LANGUAGES) contains C++.
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog.2:	* Make-lang.in: Building C++ code depends on cc1plus.
GCC/gcc/cp/ChangeLog.2:	* lex.c (handle_cp_pragma): New function, with decl, doing the cc1plus
GCC/gcc/cp/config-lang.in:stagestuff="g++\$(exeext) g++-cross\$(exeext) cc1plus\$(exeext)"
GCC/gcc/cp/g++spec.c:	 force the gcc compiler driver to run cc1plus on them.  */
GCC/gcc/cp/lang-specs.h:    "%{E|M|MM:cc1plus -E %{!no-gcc:-D__GNUG__=%v1}\
GCC/gcc/cp/lang-specs.h:       %{save-temps|no-integrated-cpp:cc1plus -E %{!no-gcc:-D__GNUG__=%v1}\
GCC/gcc/cp/lang-specs.h:      cc1plus %{save-temps|no-integrated-cpp:-fpreprocessed %{save-temps:%b.ii} %{!save-temps:%g.ii}}\
GCC/gcc/cp/lang-specs.h:    cc1plus -fpreprocessed %i %(cc1_options) %2 %{+e*}\
GCC_XML/GXFront/CMakeLists.txt:# If we are inside a project that is building gccxml_cc1plus for us,
GCC_XML/GXFront/CMakeLists.txt:  ADD_DEPENDENCIES(gccxml gccxml_cc1plus)
GCC_XML/GXFront/gxConfiguration.cxx:    std::string loc = m_ExecutableRoot+"/"+CMAKE_INTDIR+"/gccxml_cc1plus";
GCC_XML/GXFront/gxConfiguration.cxx:    std::string loc = m_ExecutableRoot+"/gccxml_cc1plus";
GCC_XML/GXFront/gxConfiguration.cxx:    m_GCCXML_EXECUTABLE = gxSystemTools::FindProgram("gccxml_cc1plus");
GCC_XML/GXFront/gxConfiguration.cxx:  // gccxml_cc1plus executable.
GCC_XML/GXFront/gxConfiguration.cxx:  // gccxml_cc1plus executable.  This is the case when gccxml_cc1plus
GCC_XML/GXFront/gxConfiguration.cxx:  // Decide whether the preprocessor is built into a cc1plus
GCC_XML/GXFront/gxConfiguration.cxx:    // If gccxml_cc1plus is provided separately, it will not have the
GCC_XML/GXFront/gxFlagsParser.cxx:    // If gccxml_cc1plus is provided separately, it will not have the
GCC_XML/GXFront/gxFront.cxx:    // There is no cygwin1.dll in the directory with gccxml_cc1plus or

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Binary file build/GXFront/gxConfiguration.o matches
Binary file build/gccxml matches


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