[GCC-XML]gccXML causing trouble on Solaris - 64-bi integer types

Belandor belandor at web.de
Thu Feb 12 20:18:23 EST 2004

I'm trying to get XML output for a file including Solaris inttypes.h. - 
For some reason, gccXML runnig on Solaris 9 claims syntax error when 
parsing int64_t and uint64_t. - The same file compiles fine under Linux 
(Gentoo, glibc version 2.3.2). Anybody has any clue, what's going wrong 

Command executed:
gccxml -I. -Iinclude -I/usr/include/  -fxml=cpu.xml cpu.hh

Error message under Solaris 9:
In file included from intmisc.hh:14,
                  from cpu.hh:16:
inttypes.hh:48: error: syntax error before `;' token
inttypes.hh:49: error: syntax error before `;' token
[... and a lot more complains about undefined types]

#include <inttypes.h> /* for {u,}int{8,16,32,64}_t */
typedef int32_t   Int32;
typedef uint32_t UInt32;
#define d32 PRId32
#define x32 PRIx32
#define u32 PRIu32

[line 48] typedef int64_t   Int64;
[line 49] typedef uint64_t UInt64;
#define d64 PRId64
#define x64 PRIx64
#define u64 PRIu64

As already said, gccXML works fine with this file under Linux.

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