[GCC-XML] VS2k5 beta

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Wed Aug 17 19:33:11 EDT 2005

Craig Tiller wrote:
> I've just spent some time trying, without success, to get gccxml
> running with the latest Visual Studio 2005 beta.
> Whilst I understand that it's probably not a priority to port gccxml
> there yet, I'd appreciate some pointers on how to make things work.
> It's currently compiling, but I'm having trouble getting it to
> actually run (centering around the weirdness in detecting the
> underlying compiler, and the patched header directory.)
> I would appreciate some guidance on the kind of process (and how
> difficult it is) to get this working. If I can get it to go, I'm happy
> to submit a patch for others.

Look in GCC_XML/GXFront/gxConfiguration.cxx at the FindMSVC* methods. 
You have to add one for MSVC8.  Header patching is pretty tricky. 
You'll have to look at what is done for the other versions and copy it. 
  Meanwhile you can submit a feature request for this to be done:


It will probably be done in the next month or two anyway.


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