[GCC-XML] Why are C++ function bodies not dumped in XML?

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Thu Oct 11 17:58:43 EDT 2007

Alan Conway wrote:
> I'm interested in getting hold of a C++ parser to analyse the use of
> types and #include statements in C++, I'd hoped gccxml was it but then
> stubbed my toe on the fact that types used inside functions aren't
> dumped.
> I'd be interested in adding that if I can find the time. Can anyone give
> me some pointers as to where I would need to make changes? Also any tips
> on best practices, naming conventions for the XML output, policy on use
> of elements vs. attributes etc. would be most appreciated.

See FAQ#2:


and a recent message thread on this list:


Also, I'm in the middle of some major changes on a branch so I will not
be accepting non-trivial patches against the main tree until the changes
are merged.


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