[GCC-XML] Impossible to Checkout from CVS

Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel at asia.thalesgroup.com
Fri Oct 26 03:21:45 EDT 2007


That is out to be the case, I suppose. I'll try from another location 
later. Thanks.


dj at djlauk.de wrote:

>I just updated from CVS. Everything worked fine with me.
>I do not know, if CVS prompts for a password before it connects or
>after the connection was tried to be established. But I'd guess it
>asks you before it connects. So I'd check if any firewall settings
>prevent CVS from getting through.
>Best wishes,
>2007/10/26, Sylvain Bougerel <sylvain.bougerel at asia.thalesgroup.com>:
>>I tried to pull the cvs tree down to my machine but it get these results:
>>$ cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs at www.gccxml.org:/cvsroot/GCC_XML login
>>Logging in to :pserver:anoncvs at www.gccxml.org:2401/cvsroot/GCC_XML
>>CVS password:
>>cvs [login aborted]: connect to www.gccxml.org(
>>failed: Connection refused
>>$ cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs at www.gccxml.org:/cvsroot/GCC_XML co gccxml
>>cvs [checkout aborted]: connect to www.gccxml.org(
>>failed: Connection refused
>>Is there something wrong?
>>gccxml mailing list
>>gccxml at gccxml.org


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