[GCC-XML] ANNOUNCEMENT: Internal parser upgraded to GCC 4.2

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Wed Oct 31 11:33:50 EDT 2007

Hello, all:

I'm pleased to announce that the long-requested update of GCC-XML's
internal GCC parser to GCC 4.x has been completed.  Since this is a
major change I have updated the development version number to 0.9 (it
was previously 0.7).

GCC 4.2's parser is now the back-end lying inside gccxml_cc1plus.  The
copying and patching of system header files from native compilers needed
to help GCC parse them has been updated to meet the more strict
requirements enforced by GCC 4.2's parser.  The main feature motivating
this upgrade is support for simulation of GCC 4.2 compilers.  Previous
versions of GCC-XML based on the 3.3 parser could not handle the GNU
extensions present in the GCC 4.2 header files.  GCC 4.2 should now be
supported as a target compiler.

I've attempted to make sure that the XML output produced by GCC-XML
changes as little as possible due to this update.  However the internal
representation provided by GCC's parser has changed somewhat, and it is
impossible to test all cases.  If you experience problems please submit
reports to the bug tracker:



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