[GCC-XML] Re: gccxml doesn't accept absolute path names in #include

Thomas Heller theller at ctypes.org
Thu Feb 7 11:57:35 EST 2008

Brad King schrieb:
> Thomas Heller wrote:
>> gccxml 0.9 does not accept absolute pathnames on Windows; it worked
>> fine with the 0.7 version.

> Two things:
> 1.) You shouldn't need to specify a full path to get the Vc98 header 
> files.  It looks like you're trying to use MSVC6 headers but gccxml is 
> configured to use MSVC 7.1.

That was just an example to demonstrate the problem ;-)

> 2.) Update from CVS because I've fixed the bug.  It was a subtle issue 
> introduced when I updated to the GCC 4.2 parser.

Thanks for the quick fix - it works now.  Also I see that there now is
an nsis installer, this is also cool.

Is it intended that after running the installer I still have to manually
start the bin\gccxml_vcconfig.bat script to build the support directories?
I have no experience with nsis, cann't this be automated?


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