[GCC-XML] Configuring TARGET=64bit on windows?

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Thu Jan 24 18:53:44 EST 2008

Ben Schleimer wrote:
>   I'm trying out gccxml for a project we have here and I'm wondering how
> I can make gccxml consider pointer sizes to be 64 bit instead of 32?
> Basically, I want to cross compile from win32 -> win64.

GCC-XML focuses on interfaces, not implementations.  The size/align
attributes were added because they were easy and helped some people at
the time.  They are not representative of what the simulated compiler
would produce.  They are just artifacts of the GCC parser inside GCC-XML.

In order to do what you want you need to build GCC-XML in a way that
produces a GCC matching the target platform.  On non-windows platforms
GCC-XML uses the


script to select the host/target platform in a way similar to how GCC
itself does so.  On windows the file


hard-codes the platform information.  You can try hacking up this file
to select a different platform.  I don't remember how I came up with
that file in the first place though.  You'll have to dig into the GCC
platform configuration scripts and the gccxml/GCC/gcc/config directory.


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