[GCC-XML] Support for C99

Kaisar Ul Haque kaisar.ul-haque at mstarsemi.com
Tue Mar 29 07:06:09 EDT 2011

Hello All,


I was trying to run gccxml for a C codebase that has C99 syntax which g++
(and thus gccxml) can't compile. For example the following code compiles
fine in gcc but not in g++.


//===== start of C99 example ======


int vec[5] = {[1]=10,[3]=20}; // designated initializers


typedef struct


char name[20];

int ID;

int age;



Employee emp = {.ID=0, .age=0};


int main()




//===== end of C99 example ======


I was wondering how to make gccxml work with such C99 codes. Questions:

1.       Is there any configuration option in gccxml which can switch the
compiler to gcc (C99 compatible) mode?

2.       Do I need to recompile gccxml from source and use gcc (for C99) as
the patched compiler, instead of g++? If so, can someone point me towards
the details?


I am assuming someone already has worked on this. Any information would be
much appreciated.





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