[GCC-XML] Support for C99

Kaisar Ul Haque kaisar.ul-haque at mstarsemi.com
Tue Mar 29 09:19:35 EDT 2011

Thanks for the quick response Brad! And thanks for your suggestion about

Clang and source navigator (sourcenav.berlios.de) are the two tools that
looked interesting to me. Need to investigate further into those.


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On 03/29/2011 07:06 AM, Kaisar Ul Haque wrote:
> 1.       Is there any configuration option in gccxml which can switch
> the compiler to gcc (C99 compatible) mode?


> 2.       Do I need to recompile gccxml from source and use gcc (for C99)
> as the patched compiler, instead of g++? If so, can someone point me 
> towards the details?

That is not possible.  The patch that performs the dump is specifically
integrated with the source code of GCC that relates to C++ compilation.
One would need to develop a brand new patch against the C99 compilation

> I am assuming someone already has worked on this. Any information 
> would be much appreciated.

There is no active development for that.  Our design goal is for C++98
support only.

I suggest looking at Clang:


It's an open-source compiler designed as part of a modular toolchain
infrastructure (LLVM).  You can probably base source analysis tools off of


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